GHS Addition & Renovation

Size:                    125,000 SF
Status:                To Be Complete July 2012
Construction:     $19,048,103

The Glasgow High School Renovation and Addition is designed around preserving the existing gymnasium and
band room. These existing spaces will be completely renovated and the addition includes classrooms, kitchen, cafeteria, media center, administration, entry lobbies, and a new auditorium. When complete, Glasgow High School will feature 125,000 SF of numerous high performance, sustainable features to meet LEED® Certifi cation.  The classroom wings are oriented to both the South and North, with classrooms specially designed for maximum daylighting. North facing classrooms feature two windows and higher ceilings taking advantage of the indirect Northern daylight. South facing classroom include larger windows with clerestory windows above with light shelves and sunshades.  Active daylighting strategies are integrated throughout the school. Solar tubes are installed throughout the corridors as well as within existing interior classrooms, creating the opportunity for daylighting into these spaces. Light level as well as occupancy sensors are included to adjust the artificial lighting based on both the amount of natural daylight and occupancy.

To increase the overall energy effi ciency of the building, the following energy efficient features and systems are included:

• High Performance Building Envelope - the school is being constructed with Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) exterior walls and feature a brick veneer fi nish. The roof will have 4 1/2” of rigid insulation as well as a “white” TPO roof system that will reduce the solar heat gain during the summer months that a typical “black” roof would have. Super insulated ICF walls and white TPO roof provided an effi cient building envelope ultimately requiring much less energy to heat and cool the facility.

• The mechanical system is a Variable Refrigerant System that incorporates smaller ceiling mounted cassette units in each classroom, thereby reducing the building’s energy consumption as well as reduces the area needed for the mechanical spaces.

• Low flow plumbing fi xtures with sensors will reduce water usage.

• The site incorporates permeable pavers to reduce storm runoff, and concrete paving in lieu of asphalt to reduce the heat island effect. Native plant species will be used to eliminate the need for irrigation and aid in reducing the overall water usage of the building.




September 13, 2011

Moving toward a new high school 
March 21, 2011

Bids approved for new high school
March 11, 2011

Board reviews construction schedule for high school  
February 15, 2011

High school design approved
July 13, 2010

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